In the last decade it participated like puppeteer, author, scriptwriter, designer, maker and director of theater of puppets for children and adults, in the following works: a) with the Group Shown and Hidden (that founded 20 years ago with Roly Serrano): “The owner of the story”, “the Closed Box”, “Sietevidas the Gatópera”, “Little egg of roundway”, “Cone”, “To fall alive”; b) like coauthor, with T. Lorefice and music of P. Ortiz, the opera “a voice in the wind” - Theater Columbus 1999; c) with Aidé Andreone, group Small barrel “My love is a strainer”; d) with the Provincial Factory of Puppets of Pampas: “Toad of This Well”; e) like coscriptwriter and puppeteer, was conductor of “Cablín” with its personage “Marimonia”. Their works participated in national and provincial festivales: National celebrations of the Puppet. It participated in festivales of Brazil and Spain. With “Sietevidas, the Gatópera”, gains the Metropolitan Festival of Infantile and Youthful Theater of year 1996. Also, he is worker and Jury of the National Institute of Theater.


Sergio has kepted his childlike soul (and his bangs)

Blostein, classic and contemporary
Sergio graduated from the National Music Conservatory Carlos Lopez Buchardo where he studied with Jorge Martinez Zárate, Antonio Russo, Lasala Angel, Alicia Terzian, Julio Fainguersh, etc. In the Collegium Musicum of Buenos Aires he studied with Ernesto Epstein, Guillermo Graetzer, Ricardo Graetzer, etc. Attended clinics with Gary Barton, Pat Metheny, Charlie Haden and Ernie Watts.
Studied sound production and recording engineering with Mario Breuer.
For many years he has worked with Carlos Gianni on music for theater and TV as arranger and artistic producer. Works: "Derechos Torcidos" (Twisted Rights), "Huesito Caracú" (Little bone marrow), "La familia Fernandes" (The Fernandes family) stand out among others, "Objetos Maravillosos" (Wonderful Objects), "Stan y Oliver" (Stan & Oliver), "La vuelta manzana" (Round the block), "Vivitos y coleando" (Alive and kicking), "Locos ReCuerdos" and "Sietevidas" (Prize ACE to best children play 2000/2001).
As a composer he has written the music of the show "Huevito de ida y vuelta" (Little egg on a roundtrip), presented at many International Puppet Festivals in Europe and Southamerica.
Co-developed software for the company Twelve Tone Systems Inc. of product Cakewalk and Sonar.
As fretless bassist he worked with several groups, among others: Nuevos Aires, Dino Saluzzi Group, Luis Borda Quintet with whom he toured Europe.
Since 1984 he has been a member of the Moron Symphonic Orchestra and was its Musical Director from 1996 to 2003.
For the last 15 years he has taught courses in the areas of electronic music science and music production.