Huevito de ida y vuelta (Little egg on a roundtrip) is a created spectacle to be represented in diverse scopes.
By his characteristics it can travel very easily since they are the same puppeteers that transport, they arm and they disarm the necessary scene and objecIt turns it to this into an ideal spectacle to be including in tours.
Huevito de ida y vuelta has performed to date present in theaters, rooms of diverse characteristics, festivales, schools and still in houses of family in occasion of events like birthday, for example.

For his hiring it is possible to be consulted availability and prices to the following contacts:

Sandra Antman Mario Marino Silvina Reinaudi
(+5411) 4855 3807 (+5411) 4925 0945 (+5411) 4774 6372
cel: 15 5833 4434 15 4036 8722 15 6444 1099
sandraantman@yahoo.com.ar marioma8@hotmail.com silvireinaudi@yahoo.com.ar

Huevito de ida y vuelta (Little egg on a roundtrip) is a spectacle created for children of pre-school age (kinder's kids 2-5 years old).
This condition is the one that defines the technical requirements, such as amount of public and conditions of scenic space. The ideal is that the children can be located relatively near the stage and in good conditions of seat and visibility.


Width: 4 meters
Height: 2,50 meters
Depth: 3 meters


Duration of the work: 40 minutes
Time of assembly: 1 hour
Time of disassembling: 30 minutess

Platform or scene can be counted or not on. If this one exists does not have to be too high, in case of room without declivity.
Amount of public: In ideal conditions of scenic space and it silverplates, 120 children

Sound: CD Player - amplification - if it requires it to the space, two wireless microphones.
Lights: The company provides its own lights. The ideal is a space that can be grown dark.

NOTE: The previous thing forms the ideal pretensions in which the spectacle can be appreciated in its better form, being able the equipment to previously adapt to alternative conditions decrees.
Also, the fact that the work has been thought for small children does not prevent to that it is enjoyed by children accompanying majors or adults, fact verified in our practice. Bond the same for puppeteers colleagues.