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Mario Marino

The Enchanted Galera began its race like actress in 1978 with the group “”, and like puppeteer in 1984 with the Libertablas group. Since then it has participated in numerous spectacles between which they can stand out: “Dream of one night of summer” in the Cervantes National Theater, “With this rain” and “Histories of the mirror” with Carlos Martinez, “a voice in the wind” under the direction of Tito Lorefice for the test center of the Theater Columbus and “Bowling alley, a place with histories” with direction of Miguel Rur.
From 1993 to the present time, it is member of the group “Shown and Hidden” of Silvina Reinaudi and Mountain Roly participating in works: “Sietevidas”, “Sietevidas, the return of the cat”, “Little egg on a roundtrip”, “the closed box” and “the owner of the story”.
It has also worked in diverse programs of television and realised tours as much by Latin America as by Europe, participating in addition in several to the most famous festivales of puppets.

Actor, puppeteer and teacher of theater, graduate from the School of Dramatic Art in 1992 like actor and 1995 like Teacher of Dramatic Expression.
In paralel to the pedagogy and actor race, has formed in clown, puppets, dance-theater, dramatic art and improvisation
It has worked like actor and puppeteer in several spectacles: “An enemy of the town”, “Beautiful and the Beast”, “My favorite clown”, “Sietevidas, the cat astronaut”, “Mud Face” (in the Park of the Coast), “Your cradle was retablillo”, “the assassin is not the butler”, “With music elsewhere” (she is, as well, Co-author of these three last ones), “the closed box”, “the owner of the story”, “Little egg on a roundtrip”. In publicity he worked in “the flame that calls” for Telecom., “the Bacteria” for Lisoform and in television he participated in “the Bible and the Calefón”, with Jorge Guinsburg, and in “Flavor of my” with Maru Cocktail snack.

They were also titiriteras of “Huevito de ida y vuelta”: Alejandra Bertolotti, Tamara Schmukler and ours very wanted and remembered, Claudia Dallarosa