This play takes place over the edge of an ironing board, where an egg appears. From this egg comes out the little worm who is the hero of this story.      
It’s a story with no villans,  where the dificulties of growing up and learning are the essence of the play. We learn how to difference between a stright way and a bend, how to notice a broken line, it’s not the same to climb a hill than a stairs; we learn that before you fly you have to learn how to walk, and finally that it’s so much better to fly with others, next to each other, each one with their own wings...
We use for this show specific and  very elaborated stage designed objects as well as common and simple ones, things which surround us  everyday in our lives, but using them for playing.
            We’ve come a long way without words, but with a lot of music specially chosen for this ride.                      
            There you can see the numbers one to seven, the music notes,  things with different sizes and textures, different rythms,  and other concepts that children discover (or re-invent) according  their age.                      
We don’t mean to deliver a didactic play but an entertaining one.  Although we hope it helps Kinder Schools achieving their  goals.

Author and director: Silvina Reinaudi
Original music and musical direction: Sergio Blostein

Puppeteers: Sandra Antman and Mario Marino
Design and accomplishment of stage scene and accessories: Ana Lía Tejeda
Design of illumination: Roly Serrano
/ Hernán Todisco

Musical production: 440 PRODUCCIONES MUSICALES - Carlos Gianni / Sergio Blostein
General production: ASOMADOS Y ESCONDIDOS - Silvina Reinaudi / Roly Serrano

Design and accomplishment of Website: Sergio Blostein